Novochem Packaging Coating

The beer and beverage can-making industry is where strict food safety and high performance come together. Novochem Packaging Coatings’ in-house developments have resulted in the next generation water-based external varnishes (BPANI available), with lower energy usage, better abrasion resistance and less coating consumption, leading to significant lower price per can production.

In 2015 we have finalized the development of our newest generation external coatings. The water-based materials contain minimum of 80% solid material and the lowest solvent content in the market available (<3%). Line-speeds can be increased due to lower wet-application film weight, whilst maintaining low viscosity, easy cleaning (water), no drying-in, higher gloss, improved application and significant less misting (BPANI available). This patent pending technology will ensure the plants of the future run with the lowest costs and highest efficiency. Products above are available as Gloss, Matte, Retort and Tactile varnishes. All products are compliant to the latest regulatory standards and have no restrictive labelling (GHS).

We are proudly supplying this industry with bulk-deliveries commercially since 2013, and challenging you to challenge us.

Next to a full range of external varnishes a complete line of new BPANI and GEN II inside spray lacquers are available. For more information contact us directly.